Thursday, 28 January 2016

Big bear, little bear

Another fantastic Christmas card offering from Oxfam this year was this gorgeous scene of a bear and child bear, playing 'kite' with star constellations in the Winter sky. The warmth of the sunset in the corner, prevented it from feeling too 'cold' and we absolutely adored the quirky nature of this design. Hats off to illustrator Kristiana Pรคrn for creating this stunning work. See more of her here.

Blue Christmas

Like a good pair of jeans, when you find a great card, I believe you should just buy it there and then. For when you 'have' to buy one, it's hard to find. And that's exactly what I did at The Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, when I spotted these early birds in the gift shop. Beautiful and striking in their simplicity, I was excited to send these out. The nostalgic sentiment of the skating duo was a personal favourite this year.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Oxfam Christmas 2015

These gorgeous character Christmas cards, featuring a little red squirrel knitting, and a lovely little robin in a bobble hat were discovered in Oxfam's card section. Which I have to say, has some great, quirky Christmas cards, and of which we will be featuring more of this week. Styled simply, with no unneccessary fussy details and perfectly finished with a 3D bobble on their hats, these cards were one of our favourite offerings of the festive season.

Christmas 2015 - It's a wrap!

2015's Christmas wrap game was strong, 'on fleek', or whatever else the cool kids are calling it. Styling wise, 2015 marked the year of the beautifully styled wrapped presents. 'No thank you' to the in-store gift wrapping service - this year, wrap had a more thought-out, personal touch. Instagram was teaming with beautifully calligraphed name tags and the humble brown parcel paper was jazzed up with fir-tree sprigs tied with parcel string and a bit of creativity with a good old Sharpie pen.

Our favourite roll-wrap this year came from a selection at Wilkinson and Paperchase. Typographic chalkboard, a simple stag's head, brown paper contrasted with gold foil stars and luxurious-looking foiled wood grain effect are our pick of the best.