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- What is House of Prints?

House of Prints is a London based online showcase of print design. I look at all things print - cards, wrap, textiles, wall art and stationery - any type of printed design that catches my eye. The aim of this blog is to inspire and be admired and showcase a comprehensive collection of current and predicted trends.

- What do you showcase?

Store Snaps - for current trends.
One Minute Interview With...  - Talented designers that can give a snapshot of insight and helpful advice.
'Designer of the Day - Carefully selected individual designers that stand out as something special.
As well as a mix of established designers/studios and up and coming artists.

- Can I apply for my work to be showcased?

All design work is welcomed to be reviewed and if deemed relevant enough and to my personal taste then it may be featured. Please do not be disheartened if it is not featured, remember: design is subjective. Contact me using the contact form here.

- Do you have any advice for up and coming designers?

I try to write a short bio on featured designers as it is helpful to know how successful designers got where they are today. One bit of advice is : Work hard - do more than you are asked, be positive - and eventually it will pay off in unforeseen ways... ;)

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