Wednesday, 30 October 2013

One Minute Interview with... Designer Carol Robinson

Hi Carol, thanks for taking the time to talk to House of Prints.

- What is your background?
Fine art/painting.

- How would you sum up your style in a few words?
Colourful, bold.

- Where do you get inspiration from?
Mid century modern design and fine art.

- What was the last thing you 'Googled'?
Pictures of flags for a logo I am working on for someone.

- 3 random things you like?
South of France, Triumph motorbikes and Frank Sinatra.

- Any advice for up and coming designers?
Draw every day that you get the chance, work really hard on producing a strong portfolio of work and don't give up on your dreams. 
Use every set back as a lesson to push you forward and your hard work will pay off.

What a wonderful piece of advice! See more of Carol's work here.

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