Monday, 4 November 2013

One Minute Interview with... Childrenswear designer Lizzie Mackay

Hi Lizzie, thanks for doing our One Minute Interview. Lets go!

- Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere and anywhere… wherever inspiration strikes! On a walk, a vintage book, my kids drawing, a nice colour combo...

- What advice would you give to designers that want to make the leap into freelance work?
Work hard!! Put in the hours and you’ll reap the benefits. And social media too is invaluable. 

- How did you get into childrens graphics?
I’d just got back from travelling for a year and was wondering what to do. I’d studied Illustration at Uni but always wanted to be in fashion somehow. My friend gave me a contact for a childrenswear studio in London and I never looked back! 

- What other designers do you admire?
The girls at Dotty Wren Studio that we’ve just started together! Also many others including Jilly P, Sarah Walsh, Flora Chang, Ashley Goldberg…her patterns are pure awesomeness! 

- What was the last thing you 'Googled’?
I think it might have been squirrels for work and how to make a minecraft cake for my son’s birthday! 

- Any upcoming/recent projects that you'd like to share?
Loads in the pipeline! Especially Surtex 2014…. so excited to be exhibiting and going to N.Y with the dotty wrens! 

- 3 random likes?
Peanut butter on toast, snuggly socks and succulents… they’re my new favourite plants! 

See more of Lizzie Mackay's brilliant work on her website here and don't forget to check out the fabulous new Dotty Wren Studio. Last month, we featured Lizzie as a 'Designer of the Day' which you can view here. We just can't get enough of her gorgeous illustrations! 

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